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Transforming Products into Visual Masterpieces!

With my camera lens as my paintbrush, I capture the essence and excitement of each product, creating visually captivating images that bring them to life. From stunning packaging to dynamic shots that showcase unique features, my passion for product photography shines through. Let's collaborate and make your product shine like never before, leaving your audience captivated and eager to experience what you have to offer.


My name is Joe McCusker

As a skilled product photographer and content creator based in Ontario, Canada, I specialize in capturing visually stunning images that showcase the beauty and functionality of various products. With years of experience in the field, I have honed my craft to create captivating visuals that tell a story and engage viewers. My expertise in product photography extends beyond the board game community. Whether it's through my lens or my creative content, I strive to convey the unique qualities and features of each product, bringing them to life in a visually appealing and compelling way. As a long-time board gamer and avid photographer, I am thrilled to combine my passions and share my work with fellow enthusiasts on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch, and contribute to the dynamic and diverse world of product photography.

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Shem Phillips

Garphill Games
“Joe has done a great job of showcasing a number of our games with his high quality photos, videos, and reviews. I look forward to seeing him cover more of our releases in the future."

Brooke Nelson

Leder Games
“Vivid, imaginative and eye-catching... We're always excited to see what Joe will create with our games!”

Emily Bradshaw

Asmodee Canada
“We have collaborated with Joe McCusker on several projects and appreciate the quality of his photographs, which have the ability to bring the games to life and captivate players.”
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